New planning search tool

Help us make it easier to find planning applications by testing an early version of our new planning search tool.

Planning application and decision searches - what you need to know

You do not have to fill in all the search criteria boxes.

Application number - if you know the application number use it as your search option; it is the fastest search. You do not need to enter any other information when you use the application number.

Site address - you can enter a house number and street name or post code. Site address is sensitive to punctuation and spaces. Do not use commas or the word London. Use % when typing addresses eg %1%Camden%Road%. If you do not get the expected results try picking the street name from the street list.

Date search - click on relevant radio button and enter dates as DD-MM-YYYY eg 31-07-2007.

You can enter or select other options in the Search criteria fields to narrow your search. For example select a Ward to get information about a particular area.

Search Criteria

Date Search